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Name:Vincenzo Ranieri Lorenzi
Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:Tuscany, Italy
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Vincenzo Ranieri Lorenzi was born in Florence, Italy and has spent most of his live in Tuscany. His father, Ranieri Lorenzi, was one of eight children, so needless to say, Vincenzo wasn't short of aunts, uncles or cousins. It just happened that they were spread around the world and only his dad, one aunt, and one uncle remained on Italian soil. Vincenzo was the second child for his mother, following a half-sister to another father who was four when he was born. Vincenzo's parents split when he was young, and his father won full custody of him because his mother had a drinking problem. Ultimately, she moved away to Greece about a year later and took her daughter with her. Despite his father's best efforts to let them have visitation, when his mother had to make the effort to come back to Italy to see him, the arrangement failed, and they lost contact.

Vincenzo's dad moved from Florence back up to Tuscany near his parents, who helped him take care of Vincenzo. The Lorenzi family were extremely close, even the members who had moved far and wide across the world. Vincenzo never lacked in the very best love and care. Vincenzo was just a little older than his cousin, Harry, both the youngest of the brood of cousins born the generation above them. Ranieri was the youngest child of eight, so he started - and ended - his breeding later compared to the others. Which is why most of Vincenzo's cousins are older than him, save for Harry. Harry lives in New York City with his big brother, Nick, and also in New York are other cousins, Dani and Luci, and half-cousin, Matteo, from another of Vincenzo's uncles. Needless to say, Vincenzo always had a desire to go to America and spend more time with his cousins, especially Harry.

Like many of his other cousins, Vincenzo was born with quite a distinct artistic talent. Where Nick was a natural artist, Matteo gifted with voice, Luci with acting, and Harry with dance, Vincenzo was discovered to have a natural gift of music. He was very young when he took to playing the piano like a duck to water, and he never really stopped. He was accepted into a high school for musically gifted students, and was handpicked to be trained as a Concert Pianist at the age of fifteen when they discovered he could play by-ear without needing sheet music to read. He established a name for himself as a prodigy and soon began to pull packed audiences in Italy and parts of Europe to see him perform.

That was until he was hit by a car just six months later on a wet night when he was crossing a street after a concert. The car's brakes failed and though it did try to swerve to miss him, the car spun out of control and clipped him regardless. Although banged up, he didn't suffer any life-threatening injuries, but he had a badly broken wrist that needed surgery. Of course, the killer was they told him he might not be able to play to standard he had before. It's not a knock a kid his age should have to take, and it really affected his confidence. Not to mention being left with a scar that reminded him of the accident 24/7.

It was Matteo that flew back over to Italy to spend time with Vincenzo after the accident, having been through some tough breaks himself that almost cost him his career. It turned out that Matteo had connections now back in New York, and discovered a friend of a friend knew a top Orthopedic Surgeon in New York who could operate on Vicenzo's wrist again and have a high chance of being able to return it to full working capacity, with a lot of hard physiotherapy and determination. Matteo was happy for Vincenzo to come stay with him indefinitely, and even though his older cousins were in on the plan, Vincenzo wanted to surprise Harry.

Vincenzo has the epitome of a smouldering appearance. He is tall, dark and handsome with his Italian genes, and even though he's just seventeen now, he stands at 6'2" already. He scrubs up immaculately in a tux, which is why people struggled to believe he was just a teenager in his performances. The Lorenzi genes were definitely exceptionally kind to him. Though, like many a teenage boy, he has a prankster and playful side to him. He takes his music seriously, but he likes to have a joke and a laugh. He can seem reserved and broody when you first meet him, but once he knows you and opens up, he chills out and shows his deeply friendly and funny side. English is his second language and although he is now fluent in it, he still speaks it with a strong Italian accent.

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